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A truly proper website this time™


  • Change domain to and
  • Dynamically make domains for other branches
  • Make a generic page component, so that you don't have to add the standard panels every time (such as navbar, leftbar, header, etc)

App notes:

  • leftbar (under nav) is default always the same. This is in a standardized "page" component. it can be changed by specifying it when creating the "page" component, or maybe in a prerender/onnav (or both). Structure will be: Generic page component IS IMPLEMENTED BY "specific page" WHERE OnNav/OnPreRender specify its details WHICH IS CREATED with its own "newXPage()" function. See for example.
  • "main content" is an array of app.UI elements. This can also be further abstracted using "block" components (the ones with the cool color)
  • THOSE BLOCK COMPONENTS' CONTENT can be set manually on creation, OR by passing HTML/MarkDown (not decided yet)

This website will be done with this:

  • Backend written in Golang
  • Templating with Go
  • Database connection for comments and such
  • Markdown article writing

It will be done in the following order:

  • First get up a working simple proof of concept
  • Then make the comments better
  • Database better
  • Layout
  • Markdown article writing
  • Layout